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Welcome to Bradbury Lane!

Sherry Peters

Well, hello!  I'm Sherry--photographer, designer, and owner of Bradbury Lane.  The Bradbury Lane story has several chapters, and I'm thrilled that you've joined us for this one!

Our Beginnings

Bradbury Lane was conceived in 2003 around my kitchen table in Dallas, Texas. I had a newfound passion for photography and graphic design, and two dear friends with a passion for helping me figure out what to do with it.  I was amazed at the beautiful images that I was able to capture with my new digital camera and I loved creatively putting great words with them.  My greatest desire was to communicate a message that pointed to the Creator behind the beautiful creation that we all enjoy.  I wanted to encourage everyone to "Stop and consider God's wonders."  Job 37:14

 Throughout that year, I designed  and created a collection of greeting cards and complimentary products with my photography that we called Sacred Moments.  We began selling them at shows in our homes and eventually to stores around the US through a showroom at the Dallas Market.  Over time, we added a long list of friends who came and worked at my home on Bradbury Lane--making notecards, shipping them, and hosting open houses around town.  We became a community of friends that continues to this day.

Our Gift Shop

In the spring of 2008, we were given the opportunity to share our Sacred Moments products directly with the community by opening our own retail store.   After designing and finishing out our space at Campbell Road Village in Richardson, we opened in September to a warm and welcoming neighborhood who loved and supported us for 12 years.  We named our shop Bradbury Lane, after our street where it all began, hoping it captured the warmth and hospitality that we wanted to share with those who visited our store.   Throughout those 12 years we learned so much, grew as a business and as women, and developed many friendships that we continue to treasure.

Sacred Moments grew to become an extensive line of greeting cards, art cards, stationery, and prints.  Just about everything was (and is) made by the girls in our workroom with love and care over conversations about kids, aging parents, and what we were making for dinner that night.  We expanded the shop to include all of our favorite gift lines and loved serving the community by providing home decor, personal accessories, and, of course, books--to give to those we love and care about.

Bradbury Lane, our gift shop, was a gift to all of us.  It was an extraordinary labor of love and we cherish all that we learned, the wonderful memories, and precious friendships that we carry from it.  In September of 2020, we decided to bring that part of our story to a close.  The experience of creating and nurturing Bradbury Lane was a privilege and a gift beyond what I could have imagined and I treasure those years as some of the best of my life.  Over the course of the 12 years that we were open, my family had grown to include not only our four daughters and three son-in-laws, but now six beautiful grandchildren.  It was time to head back home, take more time to enjoy them, and to explore what might be next.

Back Home on Bradbury Lane

Throughout all of our chapters, my passion for creating beautiful designs with photography and great words has never waned.  If anything, it continues to grow in me every day.  I never cease to be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us in this world, and the many sacred moments that the Lord gives us.  I never tire of finding a way, with Scripture and quotes, to remind all of us about the truth of HIs love and presence with us.

We now have the privilege of offering our notecards, prints, and gift items to you through this website and we pray that the spirit and community of Bradbury Lane will continue here.  I look forward to continuing to send out Morning Mini Prints by email, developing new card designs, and offering my photography designs as prints to enjoy in your home.  As time goes on, I'll share my thoughts and stories through a blog right here on the site, and look forward to staying in touch with you as we continue our journey together.
To all the dear friends of Bradbury Lane, remember our favorite Pooh quote goes, "We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see."

 Looking forward to our next chapter together!

Love, Sherry
 - Hoping to lift your spirit, speak to your heart, and nourish your soul. -